Florence Durret

Astronome (UPMC)

address: durret@iap.fr
phone number: 01 44 32 80 93

Team: Clusters of galaxies. Ionized gas around active galactic nuclei. .


Multiwavelength observations of clusters of galaxies.

In X-rays, search for substructures using the wavelet analysis, modelling of the X-ray gas, deriving the dark matter distribution.

At optical wavelengths (imaging and spectroscopy): substructures, luminosity function and dynamical properties.

Smoothed image of Abell 85 observed with the ROSAT PSPC, showing excess emission to the south east. This excess appears to be due to groups falling on to the main cluster.

Wavelet reconstuction of the image of Abell 85 observed with the ROSAT PSPC, confirming the presence of an X-ray filament at least 4 Mpc in length (see Durret F., Forman W., Gerbal D., Jones C., Vikhlinin A. 1998, A&A 335, 41).

The X-ray filament of Abell 85 seen with XMM-Newton

A few recent publications:

Guennou L., Adami C., Durret F. et al. 2014, A&A in press, arXiv:1311.6922, ``Structure and substructure analysis of DAFT/FADA galaxy clusters in the [0.4-0.9] redshift range''

Durret F., Perrot C., Lima Neto G.B., Adami C., Bertin E., Bagchi J. 2013, A&A 560, 78, ``The merging cluster of galaxies Abell~3376: an optical view''

Lagana T.F., Martinet N., Durret F., Lima Neto G.B., Maughan B., Zhang Y.-Y. 2013, A&A 555, 66, ``A comprehensive picture of baryons in groups and clusters of galaxies''

Adami C., Durret F., Guennou L., Da Rocha C. 2013, A&A 551, 20, ``Diffuse light in the young cluster of galaxies CL~J1449+0856 at z=2.07''

Costa-Duarte M. V., Sodre Jr L., Durret F. 2012, MNRAS 428, 906, ``Stellar populations in superclusters of galaxies''

Durret F., Adami C., Cappi A. et al. 2011, A&A 535, 65, ``Galaxy cluster searches based on photometric redshifts in the four CFHTLS Wide fields''

Durret F., Lagana T., Haider M. 2011, A&A 529, 38, ``The merging cluster Abell~1758 revisited: multi-wavelength observations and numerical simulations ''

Last Update: 28/1/2014