Frédéric Daigne: Publications


  1. Manuscrit HDR (in French) : “Les sursauts gamma : interprétation physique
    et utilisation pour la cosmologie”
    , F. Daigne, 2007 : hdr.pdf

  2. Refereed papers (list below)

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Submitted papers :

  1. 64. Prospects for kilonova signals in the gravitational-wave era, R. Mochkovitch, F. Daigne, R. Duque & H. Zitouni, 2021, submitted to A&A (astroph).

  2. 63. What role will binary neutron star merger afterglows play in multimessenger cosmology?, S. Mastrogiovanni, R. Duque, E. Chassande-Mottin, F. Daigne & R. Mochkovitch, 2021, submitted to A&A (astroph).

  3. 62. The impact of turbulent mixing on the galactic r-process enrichment by binary neutron star mergers across the entire metallicity range, I. Dvorkin, F. Daigne, S. Goriely, E. Vangioni & J. Silk, 2021, submitted to MNRAS (astroph).

Refereed papers :

  1. 61. Constraining the intrinsic population of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts: implications for spectral correlations, cosmic evolution and their use as tracers of star formation, J. Palmerio & F. Daigne, 2021, accepted for publication in A&A (astroph).

  2. 60. A new fitting function for GRB MeV spectra based on the internal shock synchrotron model, M.Yassine, F. Piron, F. Daigne, R. Mochkovitch, F. Longo, N. Omodei & G. Vianello, 2020, A&A, 640, id.A91 (astroph).

  3. 59. Late X-ray flares from the interaction of a reverse shock with a stratified ejecta in GRB afterglows: simulations on a moving mesh, E. H. Ayache, H. J. van Eerten & F. Daigne, 2020, MNRAS, 495, 2979 (astroph).

  4. 58. Probing high-density binary neutron star mergers with afterglow counterparts, R. Duque, P. Beniamini, F. Daigne & R. Mochkovitch, 2020, A&A, 639, id.A15 (astroph).

  5. 57. X-ray Plateaus in Gamma Ray Bursts' light-curves from jets viewed slightly off-axis, P. Beniamini, R. Duque, F. Daigne & R. Mochkovitch, 2020, MNRAS, 492, 2847 (astroph).

  6. 56. Radio afterglows of binary neutron star mergers: a population study for current and future gravitational wave observing runs, R.Duque, F. Daigne & R. Mochkovitch, 2019, A&A, 631, id.A39 (astroph).

  7. 55. Relativistic simulations of long-lived reverse shocks in stratified ejecta: the origin of flares in GRB afterglows, A. Lamberts & F. Daigne, 2018, MNRAS, 474, 2813L (astroph).

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  13. 49. GRB 131014A: A Laboratory for Studying the Thermal-like and Non-thermal Emissions in Gamma-Ray Bursts, and the New LnThi-EnTh,restpeak,i Relation, S. Guiriec, R. Mochkovitch, T. Piran, F. Daigne, C. Kouveliotou, J. Racusin, N. Gehrels & J. McEnery, 2015, ApJ, 814, 10G (astroph).

  14. 48. Towards a Better Understanding of the GRB Phenomenon: a New Model for GRB Prompt Emission and its effects on the New Non-Thermal LiNT-Epeak,irest,NT relation, S. Guiriec, C. Kouveliotou, F. Daigne, B. Zhang, R. Hascoët, et al., 2015, ApJ, 807, 148G (astroph).

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