Physics Notes
Here are the notes I wrote during my undergraduate degree in physics with theoretical physics. Whilst they are not perfect (or even close) they have helped me a lot. There will undoubtedly be a great deal of unforgivable mistakes throughout each of the modules and many alarming typos. If you spot any mistakes or have any general complaints (or compliments) then feel free to email me.

All the work has been done myself and consists of mainly lecture material with working out to its fullest where I could be bothered.

Second Year
Classical Fields
Forces and Functions at the Nanoscale
Principles of Dynamics
Quantum World
Symmetry and Action Principles
Thermal and Statistical Physics
Wave Phenomena
Third Year
Atoms, Photons and Elementary Particles
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Non-Linear Dynamics and Chaos
Quantum Dynamics
Theoretical Particle Physics
Fourth Year
Advanced Gravity
Black Holes
Differential Geometry
Modern Cosmology
Quantum Coherent Phenomena
Quantum Field Theory
PhD - Post-doc Lectures and Other
Scalar Field Theories with Screening Mechanisms
The Effective Action and its Applications

As part of my undergraduate I had to give a talk on the optical pumping of Rubidium. I generated a walkthrough tour of the experiment, the video from the talk can be found here.