Theoretical calculation of Lyman alpha, Lyman beta, Lyman gamma and Balmer alpha line profiles perturbed by neutral hydrogen and protons have been done in a large range of temperatures. Send data requests to :
T-dependent tables have been built to be implemented into TLUSTY and SYNSPEC, the atmosphere model and synthetic spectra codes of I. Hubeny and T. Lanz.

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Tables Lyman Alpha - Tables Lyman Beta - Tables Lyman Gamma - Tables Balmer Alpha

Lyman Alpha

Lyman Alpha Abs 9 000
Lyman Alpha Abs 10 000
Lyman Alpha Abs 11 000
Lyman Alpha Abs 12 000
Lyman Alpha Abs 13 000
Lyman Alpha Abs 25 000

Lyman Beta

Lyman Beta Abs 12 000
Lyman Beta Abs 25 000

Lyman Gamma

Lyman Gamma Abs 25 000

Balmer Alpha

Balmer Alpha