To install the Software  you need to uncompress and unpack the archive then to run the compilation script.

Uncompress:    gzip -d      mrj_phot.tar.gz
Unpack:          tar   -xvf   mrj_phot.tar

The Tar command will create a main directory named package. Within this main directory there is a number of sub-directory containing some C source code, and shell scripts.

For the rest of the operations, change directory to package.


The compilation of the software is managed by the script install.csh.

 Before you run this script,  you need to edit install.csh to specify the C compiler and the compiling options you wish to use. You will also need to have a look a the file short.h

For instance:

setenv           CC  cc
or                   setenv  CC  gcc  (recommended for Linux PC's)

And,             setenv COPTS -O2

or                  setenv COPTS -fast (recommended for Sun solaris machines).

Then edit short.h:

 The defaults are:

 #define   short_type  unsigned short
 #define   swap_flag   1

 First, in case your image are written in short integer, check the short integer type. You may have to change unsigned short (0 to 65536) to short (-32768 to 32768).

 Next, if your machine does not swapp bytes (SUN, IBM,....) replace
 #define swap_flag 1 with  #define swap_flag 0

Check also that the first line: #! /bin/csh, you may want to replace this by #! /bin/bash or #! /usr/local/bin/tcsh.


You can then run the script by typing: ./install.csh