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The third International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy will be held at Meudon and Paris Observatory, France from Friday 4th of June to Sunday 6th of June 2004. Its main objective is to promote cometary observations among amateurs astronomers and optimise the benefit of these observations for the use by professional astronomers. It shall be an opportunity for amateurs to meet professionals and exchange about their techniques.
It will be organized by the ICQ and Société Astronomique de France
and sponsored by the Paris Observatory.



An update with some changes in sessions order will appear soon.

Registration, Hotel and Dinners reservation :

Paris region MAP and meeting/hotel locations

The Observatory and the hotel are in the lower left part of the map.
This is not the latest version of the Bus/Train/Subway connections, but still rather accurate and a map will be distributed at IWCA-III. Meudon is 10 km from the center of Paris.
Larger [800 kbytes] version of the map

For those not arriving by car, transportation will be provided from the "RER C" train station "Meudon-val-Fleury" to the Ibis Hotel on June 3rd, afternoon – early evening.

To contact the secretary Elisabeth Sablé at SAF for any inquiries use
Do not hesitate also to contact other LOC members, for any special request.

SOC members LOC members
Dan Green (USA, ICQ)

Nicolas Biver (France)

Reinder Bouma (The Netherlands)

Michel Festou (France)

William Liller (Chile)

Alain Maury (Chile/France)

Jean-Claude Merlin (France)

Maik Meyer (Germany)

Philippe Morel (France)

Charles Morris (USA)

Akimasa Nakamura (Japan)

Andrew Pearce (Australia)

Jon Shanklin (United Kingdom)

Giovanni Sostero (Italy)

Milos Tichý (Czech Republic)
Philippe Morel (SAF)

Nicolas Biver (Paris Obs. and SAF)

François Colas (Paris Obs.)

Patrick Guibert (SAF)

Élisabeth Sablé (SAF)

Roger Marical (SAF)

Hélène Reyss (SAF)

Topics to be discussed during the meeting :

Participants List (registered or who have expressed their interest to come) : Mike A'Hearn, Bruno Ballery, Peter Birtwhistle, Nicolas Biver, Jerzy Bohusz, Bernd Brinkmann, Giuseppe Canonaco, François Colas, Jacques Crovisier, Michal Drahus, Vitaly Filonenko, Juan José González-Suarez, Dan Green, Patrick Guibert, Piotr Guzik, Werner Hasubick, Tony Hoffman, Sebastian Hönig, Laurent Jorda, Gary Kronk, François Kugel, Xavier Leprette, William Liller, Joseph Marcus, Roger Marical, Brian Marsden, Jean-Pierre Martin, Michel Meunier, Maik Meyer, Giannantonio Milani, Carmelita Miranda, Philippe Morel, Charles Morris, Alain-Jo Motte, Shigeki Murakami, Akimasa Nakamura, Sareh Nakhaei, Takaaki Oribe, Andrew Pearce, Hélène Reyss, Hermanus Rietveld, Georges Saccomani, Toni Scarmato, Alex Scholten, Jon Shanklin, Doug Snyder, Giovanni Sostero, Patrick Stonehouse, Serge Thébault, Jana Tichá, Milos Tichý, Éric Tinlot, René Verseau, Waclaw Waniak, …

Contact : Nicolas Biver
E-mail :
Phone : (33) 1 45 07 78 09

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