1. Introduction
2. Collaborators
3. Some outputs
4. Codes

1. Introduction

PÉGASE-HR (Le Borgne et al. 2004) is a code aimed at computing synthetic evolutive optical spectra of galaxies with a very high resolution (R=10 000, or dlambda=0.55) in the range Lambda=[4000, 6800] Angstroms.
PÉGASE-HR is the result of combining  the code PÉGASE.2 with the high-resolution stellar library ÉLODIE. This code can also be used at low resolution (R=200) over the range covered by the BaSeL library (from far UV to the near IR), and then produces the same results as PÉGASE.2.

2. Collaborators

The PÉGASE-HR Team gathers the following people in France:

Damien Le Borgne , PI  (IAP, University of Toronto)
Michel Fioc (IAP)
Ariane Lançon (Observatoire de Strasbourg)
Brigitte Rocca-Volmerange (IAP)
Philippe Prugniel (Observatoire de Lyon, CRAL)
Caroline Soubiran (Observatoire de Bordeaux)

3. Some outputs

Salpeter, 1955
Rana & Basu, 1992
[Fe/H]= -1.7
(Z=0.0004) SB_1_Salp_HR_v3.0
SB_1_RB_HR_v3.0 fits
fits ascii
SB_1_RB_HR_v3.1 fits ascii
fits ascii
SB_1_RB_P2 fits ascii
[Fe/H]= -0.7
(Z=0.004) SB_2_Salp_HR_v3.0 fits ascii SB_2_RB_HR_v3.0 fits ascii
fits ascii
SB_2_RB_HR_v3.1 fits ascii
SB_2_Salp_P2 fits ascii SB_2_RB_P2 fits ascii
[Fe/H]= -0.4
(Z=0.008) SB_3_Salp_HR_v3.0 fits ascii SB_3_RB_HR_v3.0 fits ascii
fits ascii
SB_3_RB_HR_v3.1 fits ascii
SB_3_Salp_P2 fits ascii SB_3_RB_P2 fits ascii
[Fe/H]= 0
(Z=0.02) SB_4_Salp_HR_v3.0 fits ascii SB_4_RB_HR_v3.0 fits ascii
fits ascii
SB_4_RB_HR_v3.1 fits ascii
SB_4_Salp_P2 fits ascii SB_4_RB_P2 fits ascii
(Z=0.05) SB_5_Salp_HR_v3.0 fits ascii SB_5_RB_HR_v3.0 fits ascii
fits ascii
SB_5_RB_HR_v3.1 fits ascii
SB_5_Salp_P2 fits ascii SB_5_RB_P2 fits ascii

4. Codes

  1. The PÉGASE-HR package is available for download in two parts:
    - The full package (v1.3) which contains the source code, the low resolution "BASEL" library, and two versions of the ELODIE libraries v3.0 and v3.1, is here (older v1.1 version is also available here). You can view the history of the versions here.
    - The ELODIE grid, necessary to compute high resolution synthetic spectra, is also available in its 3.0 version (corresponding to the Le Borgne et al. 2004 paper) here (150 Mo).
    - A new version of the ELODIE grid (v3.1, see Prugniel et al 2007, astro-ph/703658) extended down to 3900 Angstroms is also available for download here.

    The package comes along with a README file which sometimes refers to PÉGASE.2's readme itself.
    Its compilation is explained in the INSTALL file (it consists in the standard ".configure" and "make" commands) or in the README file.
    It is then possible to compute any synthetic evolutive spectrum with scenarios defined with the same parameters as in PÉGASE.2.

  2. Conversion from FITS to ascii format : the code fitstodat.f included in the package converts a PÉGASE-HR's ".fits" file to a ".dat" ascii file, in the same format as used in PEGASE.2. The information on the Lick indices is lost in the translation.

Last modification : 27 August 2010