A Jupiter-Mass Companion to a Solar-Type Star
Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.

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On the wings of pegasus, Astronomical questions of origin and survival
Adam Burrows and Jonathan Lunine
Nature 378, 333 (1995)

Giant Planets at Small Orbital Distances
Guillot, T.; Burrows, A.; Hubbard, W. B.; Lunine, J. I.; Saumon, D.

The Cometary Tail of Giant Extrasolar Planets at Small Orbital Distance
Schneider, J.; Rauer, H.; Lasota, J. P.; Bonazzola, S.; Chassefiere, E.
In "Brown Dwarfs and Extrasolar Planets" ASP Conf. Ser 134, 241

The Spectroscopic Orbit of the Planetary Companion Transiting HD 209458
Mazeh, Tsevi; Naef, Dominique; Torres, Guillermo; Latham, David W.; Mayor, Michel; Beuzit, Jean-Luc; Brown, Timothy M.; Buchhave, Lars; Burnet, Michel; Carney, Bruce W.; and 10 coauthors

Detection of a spectroscopic transit by the planet orbiting the star HD209458
Queloz, D.; Eggenberger, A.; Mayor, M.; Perrier, C.; Beuzit, J. L.; Naef, D.; Sivan, J. P.; Udry, S.

Detection of Planetary Transits Across a Sun-like Star
Charbonneau, David; Brown, Timothy M.; Latham, David W.; Mayor, Michel

Search for spectroscopical signatures of transiting HD 209458b's exosphere
Moutou, C.; Coustenis, A.; Schneider, J.; St Gilles, R.; Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.; Kaufer, A.

Hubble Space Telescope Time-Series Photometry of the Transiting Planet of HD 209458
Brown, Timothy M.; Charbonneau, David; Gilliland, Ronald L.; Noyes, Robert W.; Burrows, Adam

Planet Host Stars: Mass, Age and Kinematics
Chen, Yu-Qin; Zhao, Gang

HD 209458: Physical Parameters of the Parent Star and the Transiting Planet
Cody, Ann Marie; Sasselov, Dimitar D.

Detection of an Extrasolar Planet Atmosphere
Charbonneau, David; Brown, Timothy M.; Noyes, Robert W.; Gilliland, Ronald L.

A Search for CO Absorption in the Transmission Spectrum of HD 209458b
Brown, Timothy M.; Libbrecht, Kenneth G.; Charbonneau, David

Statistical properties of exoplanets. II. Metallicity, orbital parameters, and space velocities
Santos, N. C.; Israelian, G.; Mayor, M.; Rebolo, R.; Udry, S.

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Atmosphere out of that world
David Charbonneau
Nature 421, 124 (2003)