The extrasolar planet
HD 209458 b

Links related to the extrasolar planet HD209458b

In press

ESA site


Press release (CNRS) - for the Univ. of Arizona

Gilda Ballester HD209458b website (Co-autor)

Videos on the discovery (HEIC)

Links to other extrasolar planet web sites

Bêta-Pictoris: a planetary transit? (website by Alain Lecavelier des Étangs)

The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia (Jean Schneider)

The Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programmes (Observatoire de Genève)

STARE project (STellar Astrophysics & Research on Exoplanets)

Geoff Marcy's HD 209458b website

Planet Quest

Anglo-Australian Planet Search

Almanac of Planets (California & Carnegie Planet Search)


3 mars 2003